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Cast and Crew-How to Succeed!

We are so excited to share our 2016-2017 season with you! Please check back for audition announcements and other details over the next few months!



We are very excited to introduce the cast and crew for our fall show, shop How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, malady coming November 11-19 at the Auditorium at Campus St. Jean!

J. Pierrepont Finch: Frank Keller
Bud Frump: Rory Turner
Rosemary Pilkington: Ruth Wong-Miller
J.B. Biggley: Russ Farmer
Mr. Bratt: Trevor J. Worden
Smitty: Caitlin Tazzer
Hedy La Rue: Kathleen Sera
Miss Jones: Carolyn Waye
Miss Krumholtz: Trish van Doornum
Book Voice: Levy Poppins
Mr. Twimble: Morgan Smith
Wally Womper: Gerald Mason
Mr. Gatch: Michael McDevitt
Mr. Tackaberry: Jayson Hlus
Secretaries: Melanie Lafleur, Natasha Mason, Christine Maydew, Emily Smith

Director/Choreographer: Adam Kuss
Music Director: Daniel Belland
Stage Manager: Athena Gordon
Technical Director: Madeline Roberts
Lighting Designer: Madeline Roberts
Sound Designer: Marika Friesen
Set Designer: Leland Stelck
Costume Designer: Kathleen Sera
Properties Designer: Kimberley North
Master Builder: Morgan Smith
Dance Captain: Christine Maydew
Assistant Stage Manager: Louise Mallory
Assistant Stage Manager: Ben Taylor