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Foote in the Door Productions

Company-the Musical


Foote in the Door Productions Presents: Sondheim’s Company

April 20-28, 2018 at the L'Unitheatre 

Music by Steven Sondheim

Book by George Furth


Come on over for dinner! Be a part of the amazing, challenging and groundbreaking musical that is Sondheim’s Company with Foote In The Door Productions.  Come join Bobby in his journey through life as a bachelor with his crazy married friends as he asks himself the important question...That’s what it’s all about isn’t it?


Artistic Team

Director: Morgan Kunitz

Music Director: Joy van de Ligt

Choreographer: Adam Kuss



Location: HI-Edmonton Hostel, Common Room (10647-81 Avenue)

Oct 13 6-10 pm

Oct 14 6-10 pm

Call backs:  Oct 20th 6-10 pm at Charity Solutions (14920-128 Avenue)

Casting is inclusive; however we cannot engage equity members. All performers are volunteers.


Rehearsal Schedule Jan 21-April 15, 2018 to be held at Charity Solutions (14920-128 Avenue)

Sundays (1-5pm), Monday and Thursdays (7-10pm)

Tech week April 15-19, 2018

Performances-20-28, 2018 at the  L' Unitheatre 8627 91st


Audition requirements

Vocal- Neo classical, pop or Broadway belt

  • Please prepare a Sondheim song in the style of the musical
  • Please bring sheet music (for accompanist)- please email in advance of audition to advise of song choice.
  • Tracks are welcome, a CD player or ipod/phone plug in will be provided


  • Company is a vignette play/musical where the characters have many long speaking interchanges often leading into a song.  
  • Prepare a 1-2 min modern human character monologue to showcase your acting abilities.


Dance call will be at the callbacks

Please note that the roles of Bobby and Amy have been cast prior to this process.


Character Breakdown:

Sarah (age 30-40) Harry's hyper critical wife. She is an avid learner of karate and tends to overeat. Open, accepting, and full of love. Vocal range top: A5 Vocal range bottom: A3

Harry (age 35-45) Sarah's husband. He is a recovering alcoholic continually falling off the wagon. Believes the advantages of marriage outweigh the disadvantages. Vocal range top: A5 Vocal range bottom: A3

Susan (30-40) A delicate southern belle. Peter's wife and ex-wife. Motherly in her affections towards Robert. Vocal range top: A5 Vocal range bottom: A3

Peter (30-40) Susan's husband. The perfect husband and ex-husband. He is very liberal in his view of relationships.  Vocal range top: A5 Vocal range bottom: B3

Jenny (30-40) Quietly manipulative, simultaneously square and wise. Loves her husband, David, and will indulge him from time to time. Vocal range top: A5 Vocal range bottom: A3

David (30-40) Jenny's husband, he is relaxed and always in control. Believes a man should be married and that the sacrifice of freedom is worth what you get in return. Vocal range top: A5 Vocal range bottom: B3

Paul (30-40) Amy's fiancé. Mildly clingy, but patient to her neurotic nature. He is fully committed to the idea of marriage and encourages Robert to do the same. Vocal range top: A5 Vocal range bottom: B3

Joanne (40-50) Acerbic, demanding, and blunt. Too old to be part of the young crowd, but not old enough to be part of the older crowd. Puts on a brassy front that melts when she is alone with her husband. Vocal range top: B5 Vocal range bottom: G3

Larry (45-55) Joanne's husband. He is stoic and centered, but has moments of goofiness. Indulges his wife's behavior but knows when to put his foot down.Vocal range top: A5 Vocal range bottom: B3

Marta (25-35) A girlfriend of Robert's. Intensely modern, who is seeking adventure and excitement in the City. Vocal range top: A5 Vocal range bottom: A3

Kathy (25-35) An old girlfriend of Robert's, who is now considered a good friend. She plans to leave the City for a life of domesticity. Sweet and loving. Vocal range top: A5 Vocal range bottom: A3

April (25-35) A girlfriend of Robert's. She is a flight attendant who came to New York to live in Radio City. Ditzy and adorable. Vocal range top: A5 Vocal range bottom: A3

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